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In-Depth Analytics
Understand Your Strategy Inside-Out
Dive deep into detailed analytics to pinpoint where your strategy thrives. Fine-tune your approach with clear, actionable insights.
Easy to use
Backtesting made easy
Place a trade with one click! Add trades straight from your long/short position drawings and we'll do the rest.
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Complete Notebook
All Your Notes In One Place
Find all your notes in one place, where you can see what went wrong, what works, and how you can improve for future.
Yes, we do that too...
Complete Live Trade Journalling
Import your trades or connect to your broker to seamlessely automate journalling for your trades.
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Live Analytics
Access to the Best Live Analytics
Find out exactly where you can improve with actionable information. Includes over 50+ insights and reports on your trades
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We use TradingView charts to bring the best possible charting experience to you.
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See the times of the day and which days your strategies perform best.
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30+ pairs to choose from with over 20 years worth of 1 minute data.
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Constant updates to our software to truly make this the one stop place for traders.
Traders Casa has partnered with TradingView, a top-tier charting and trading platform, to elevate your experience. Access advanced charting and market analysis tools, amplifying success and gaining valuable insights into financial markets.
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